Termeh Ctesiphon Model


The design of this Termeh is called Ctesiphon. It is made of silk and woven with the color Firoozei (a special Persian turquoise) and golden margin. 7 different colors are used in it.


Termeh is a hand-woven Iranian Tapestry dating back to Safavid dynasty(1501–1736). It is usually made from wool, through a time-consuming process of preparing the wool, washing, drying, and weaving it, begging the weaver’s full attention and skill.
There are many different designs such as Khorshid(the Sun), Keshmir, Kheshti(a checked pattern) and Zomorrodi(with the hierarchy of blue and green).
The Usages are also different, such as tablecloth, bed-cover, bags, boxes and a mere decoration as in frames on the walls.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 100 cm


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