Silver Necklace Model Picasso Bird


Silver necklace inspired by a drawing of a bird by the famous painter Picasso, consisting of turquoise stone dangling from the bird. From the series: Picasso

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KhorshidJoulaee products are always inspired by Iranian culture and art. In this series, Association, they are renovations of the motifs and patterns used in Sassanid art (224-651 AD), which can be seen nowadays in the surviving reliefs, metal work and architectural monuments as well as some paintings from that era.


Khorshid Joulaee

Khorshid Joulaee converts her emotions to wearable objects reflecting the beauties, pains, and charms all around her, as well. Studying handicrafts at the Art University of Tehran enabled her to express her passion through a number of diverse materials such as clay, wood, glass, metals, plastic, etc. She finished her B.A in handicraft in the Art University of Tehran, in 2016 and has participated in a training course in making gold and jewelries in Iran in 2016 and a course in teaching of jewelry designs in 2017 in Canada. She has exhibited her works in Linda Farrel Gallery in France and Idi Gallery in Turkey. Khorshid founded ‘Khane Dastsazeha’ in 2016, a group of successful young Iranian artisans. She has also been a teaching assistant for Abdolnaser Giv Ghassab, an Iranian famous jewelry designer and maker, since 2015.

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