Copper Small Glass


Copper simple glass. Made by hand through the technique of hammering

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Only copper is used in these products

Wash with soft cloth or sponge and washing liquid

Avoid direct heat

Know the Significance of Copper Dishware in your life:

More than any other metals or their alloys, copper has been suggested to be used as cookery and eating utensils form times of yore due to a powerful belief that is beneficial for the body. The human body naturally consists of copper as a mineral in trace amounts. It helps the body absorb iron and produce red blood cells, supports nerve function and maintains the immune system. Drinking and eating on copper dishware, other than bestowing a dazzling atmosphere to the routine of eating, compensates for the copper deficiency in the body.

A very few health benefits of copper is believed to be as follows:

Antibacterial Properties Copper has a hostile space for microorganisms to live on it as it is toxic to them. Promotion of Digestive System

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